Book Overview

Salvation Station was written because of my enlightenment to fully comprehend Eternity, Faith, and Salvation through Jesus. This comes with a basic understanding that we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a brief human experience.

Many people will miss Heaven by about a foot and a half. That’s the distance between their head to their heart. Many people go to church regularly, many know & post scriptures and many are genuinely good individuals. Many people know about Jesus in their head but . . . do they have Him in their heart?

Many people are exactly where I was before I accepted my ‘born again’ gift from our Creator in Heaven. Being born again is not a religion, it is a life changed by God. Many people may not have had the opportunity to hear and/or read the full Gospel of Christ. I did not establish a personal relationship with Jesus until age 47 after 30 years of problems with alcohol.

Salvation Station is a shortcut so the reader can Tune into Wisdom with less effort and increase their Faith. This book features personal testimonials from individuals whose lives were changed considerably because of receiving a real life miracle from God.

Salvation Station is my bare bone plea to make sure the readers are ready for eternity. Time is running out as each one of us has an appointed time to meet our Creator.

Consider this: You can walk into Home Depot and buy a flashlight, but you can’t buy a ‘flashdark’. That’s because darkness cannot overcome light. In Salvation Station you will read the phrase: “Darkness cannot remain where the Light of Heaven shines.” In other words, Jesus being the Light sent from Heaven always overcomes darkness.

Salvation Station is like a flashlight that illuminates on Jesus, Eternity, Faith, Wisdom, Life Experiences, Forgiveness, Personal Testimonies, and Salvation. This book contains well-placed scripture throughout along with good-natured humor.

It should also be noted Salvation Station has the distinction of including a foreword by Global Pastor Tommy Barnett. He is the Founder of the Los Angeles Dream Center and Global Pastor at Phoenix Dream City Church.

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Golden Walk: Following Wisdom into Heaven (2021)
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